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  • K-12 Education Administration Building

    Project Type: K-12 Administrative Facility

    Material(s) Installed: K-12 Administrative Facility

    This K12 Administrative Facility was a renovation project where we installed Ceramic Wall and Floor Tile.

  • Elementary School Cafeteria

    Project Type: K-12 Elementary School Cafeteria

    Material(s) Installed: K-12 Elementary School Cafeteria

    This New Elementary School received Luxury Vinyl Tile in the cafeteria.

  • New Elementary School Corridor

    Project Type: K-12 Corridor

    Material(s) Installed: K-12 Corridor

    Each Corridor in this new K12 Facility has Carpet, Tile, and LVT to create a flex space in each area of the school.

  • K12 Facility Corridor and Staircase

    Project Type: K-12 Corridor

    Material(s) Installed: K-12 Corridor

    Linoleum Sheet Flooring and Colorbody Porcelain Tile complete this new School Facility.

  • Collaborative Learning Area

    Project Type: K-12 Collaborative Learning Area

    Material(s) Installed: K-12 Collaborative Learning Area

    Carpet Tile and Linoleum Flooring combine in this collaborative learning space.

  • K12 STEAM Center

    Project Type: K-12 STEAM Center

    Material(s) Installed: K-12 STEAM Center

    This new K12 STEAM Facility features ceramic wall and floor tile in all common areas.

  • Public Education STEAM Center Facility

    Project Type: K-12 STEAM Center

    Material(s) Installed: K-12 STEAM Center

    We installed Carpet Tile in this new STEAM Facility.

  • High School Facility Renovation Project

    Project Type: K-12 High School Renovation

    Material(s) Installed: K-12 High School Renovation

    Sheet Carpet and Ceramic Tile freshen up this High School corridor.

  • City Municipal Building

    Project Type: City Municipal Building

    Material(s) Installed: City Municipal Building

    We love ceramic feature walls and this renovated municipal building is a great example.

  • New Elementary School Commons Area

    Project Type: K-12 Commons Area

    Material(s) Installed: K-12 Commons Area

    Fun colors for this K12 Elementary School Collaboration Area.

  • K12 School Collaboration Area

    Project Type: K-12 Facility Collaboration Area

    Material(s) Installed: K-12 Facility Collaboration Area

    Carpet Tile installation in this dramatic common area in a new K12 Facility.

  • High School Summer Renovation Project

    Project Type: Renovated K-12 High School

    Material(s) Installed: Renovated K-12 High School

    VCT flooring we installed in this renovated High School project.

  • Historic Arts District Building Renovation

    Project Type: Historic Arts District Building Renovation

    Material(s) Installed: Historic Arts District Building Renovation

    We installed Linoleum Flooring in this Historic Dallas Arts Building.

  • Learning Stairs in a K12 Renovation

    Project Type: K-12 Lecture Area Renovation

    Material(s) Installed: K-12 Lecture Area Renovation

    Commons Area we installed in a High School rennovation project.

  • Medical Office Building

    Project Type: Medical Office Building Conference Room

    Material(s) Installed: Medical Office Building Conference Room

    We installed commercial carpet in this conference room in a Medical Facility.

  • Elementary School Corridor

    Project Type: K-12 Corridor

    Material(s) Installed: K-12 Corridor

    VCT installed in this K12 Elementary School Corridor.

  • New High School Common Area

    Project Type: New High School

    Material(s) Installed: New High School

    Details of Ceramic Stairs and Modular Carpet installed in a new High School Common area.

  • New Facility High School

    Project Type: K-12 Classroom

    Material(s) Installed: K-12 Classroom

    Carpet Tile we installed in this new High School lecture room.

  • Feature Wall in a Education Facility

    Project Type: K-12 Renovation

    Material(s) Installed: K-12 Renovation

    Ceramic tile feature wall installed in this K12 High School renovation project.

  • Water-Jet Cut School Logo

    Project Type: K-12

    Material(s) Installed: K-12

    Water jet cut Ceramic School Mascot we installed in the main entry hall of a brand new High School.

  • Hospital Nurses Station

    Project Type: Children's Hospital Nurse Station

    Material(s) Installed: Children's Hospital Nurse Station

    Linoleum Flooring in this colorful Nurses Station of a Children's Medical Facility.

  • High School Renovation Stairwell Area

    Project Type: K12 Renovation Project

    Material(s) Installed: K12 Renovation Project

    Rubber Flooring and Stair Treads along with Ceramic Tile wainscoting installed in this K12 renovation project.

  • Education Administration Building

    Project Type: Education Administrative Building

    Material(s) Installed: Education Administrative Building

    LVT installed in the corridor of an Education Administration Building.

  • Town Hall Logo

    Project Type: Town Hall

    Material(s) Installed: Town Hall

    Water jet cut Marble Town Seal we installed in the main entry hall of a new City Building.

  • College Library Center

    Project Type: College Library

    Material(s) Installed: College Library

    Ceramic and Carpet in this College main Library.

  • Repurposed Historic Building

    Project Type: Repurposed Arts Building

    Material(s) Installed: Repurposed Arts Building

    Linoleum Sheet Flooring installed in a historic restoration project.

  • Hospital Waiting Area

    Project Type: Hospital Waiting Area

    Material(s) Installed: Hospital Waiting Area

    Carpet Tile installed in this patient waiting area.