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An experienced team.

We provide a great selection and high-quality flooring to meet the needs of your facility.

Our experienced project group, full-service estimating department, and professional installation team helps us meet your needs with ideal solutions.


Our tailored services include the following and more for new construction and renovations:

  • Flooring installation
  • Budgeting, design, and specification
  • Field measurements and job estimates
  • Sub-floor leveling
  • Product Application Expertise
  • Moisture testing and remediation of moisture problems
  • Demo services
  • Mock-up services
  • Sub-floor inspection and available lab services

Specialization in:

  • Resilient Flooring
  • Integral Flash Cove Flooring
  • Carpet
  • Ceramic Tile
About Us

We’re not finished until you’re satisfied.

At One Source Commercial Flooring, our mission is simple: we strive to be the provider of choice for the markets we serve by offering an outstanding level of service that delivers exceptional quality and high-value results.

We’re passionate about what we do and understand that every project is unique. We’ll partner with you to meet the specific needs and challenges of your facility, whether you’re breaking ground on new construction or renovating an existing space.

A Trusted Partner

Over 27 years serving North Texas.

  • 250+
    years of employee experience
  • >10 million
    square feet installed annually
  • 400+
    projects managed annually

Our work speaks for itself.

We serve a range of clients, offering individualized solutions that provide great results.
Take a look at our gallery of past work — we can do the same for you.

  • K-12 Education Administration Building

    Project Type: K-12 Administrative Facility

    Material(s) Installed: K-12 Administrative Facility

    This K12 Administrative Facility was a renovation project where we installed Ceramic Wall and Floor Tile.

  • Elementary School Cafeteria

    Project Type: K-12 Elementary School Cafeteria

    Material(s) Installed: K-12 Elementary School Cafeteria

    This New Elementary School received Luxury Vinyl Tile in the cafeteria.

  • New Elementary School Corridor

    Project Type: K-12 Corridor

    Material(s) Installed: K-12 Corridor

    Each Corridor in this new K12 Facility has Carpet, Tile, and LVT to create a flex space in each area of the school.

  • K12 Facility Corridor and Staircase

    Project Type: K-12 Corridor

    Material(s) Installed: K-12 Corridor

    Linoleum Sheet Flooring and Colorbody Porcelain Tile complete this new School Facility.

  • Collaborative Learning Area

    Project Type: K-12 Collaborative Learning Area

    Material(s) Installed: K-12 Collaborative Learning Area

    Carpet Tile and Linoleum Flooring combine in this collaborative learning space.

  • K12 STEAM Center

    Project Type: K-12 STEAM Center

    Material(s) Installed: K-12 STEAM Center

    This new K12 STEAM Facility features ceramic wall and floor tile in all common areas.

  • Public Education STEAM Center Facility

    Project Type: K-12 STEAM Center

    Material(s) Installed: K-12 STEAM Center

    We installed Carpet Tile in this new STEAM Facility.

  • High School Facility Renovation Project

    Project Type: K-12 High School Renovation

    Material(s) Installed: K-12 High School Renovation

    Sheet Carpet and Ceramic Tile freshen up this High School corridor.

  • City Municipal Building

    Project Type: City Municipal Building

    Material(s) Installed: City Municipal Building

    We love ceramic feature walls and this renovated municipal building is a great example.

  • New Elementary School Commons Area

    Project Type: K-12 Commons Area

    Material(s) Installed: K-12 Commons Area

    Fun colors for this K12 Elementary School Collaboration Area.

  • K12 School Collaboration Area

    Project Type: K-12 Facility Collaboration Area

    Material(s) Installed: K-12 Facility Collaboration Area

    Carpet Tile installation in this dramatic common area in a new K12 Facility.

  • High School Summer Renovation Project

    Project Type: Renovated K-12 High School

    Material(s) Installed: Renovated K-12 High School

    VCT flooring we installed in this renovated High School project.

  • Historic Arts District Building Renovation

    Project Type: Historic Arts District Building Renovation

    Material(s) Installed: Historic Arts District Building Renovation

    We installed Linoleum Flooring in this Historic Dallas Arts Building.

  • Learning Stairs in a K12 Renovation

    Project Type: K-12 Lecture Area Renovation

    Material(s) Installed: K-12 Lecture Area Renovation

    Commons Area we installed in a High School rennovation project.

  • Medical Office Building

    Project Type: Medical Office Building Conference Room

    Material(s) Installed: Medical Office Building Conference Room

    We installed commercial carpet in this conference room in a Medical Facility.

  • Elementary School Corridor

    Project Type: K-12 Corridor

    Material(s) Installed: K-12 Corridor

    VCT installed in this K12 Elementary School Corridor.

  • New High School Common Area

    Project Type: New High School

    Material(s) Installed: New High School

    Details of Ceramic Stairs and Modular Carpet installed in a new High School Common area.

  • New Facility High School

    Project Type: K-12 Classroom

    Material(s) Installed: K-12 Classroom

    Carpet Tile we installed in this new High School lecture room.

  • Feature Wall in a Education Facility

    Project Type: K-12 Renovation

    Material(s) Installed: K-12 Renovation

    Ceramic tile feature wall installed in this K12 High School renovation project.

  • Water-Jet Cut School Logo

    Project Type: K-12

    Material(s) Installed: K-12

    Water jet cut Ceramic School Mascot we installed in the main entry hall of a brand new High School.

  • Hospital Nurses Station

    Project Type: Children's Hospital Nurse Station

    Material(s) Installed: Children's Hospital Nurse Station

    Linoleum Flooring in this colorful Nurses Station of a Children's Medical Facility.

  • High School Renovation Stairwell Area

    Project Type: K12 Renovation Project

    Material(s) Installed: K12 Renovation Project

    Rubber Flooring and Stair Treads along with Ceramic Tile wainscoting installed in this K12 renovation project.

  • Education Administration Building

    Project Type: Education Administrative Building

    Material(s) Installed: Education Administrative Building

    LVT installed in the corridor of an Education Administration Building.

  • Town Hall Logo

    Project Type: Town Hall

    Material(s) Installed: Town Hall

    Water jet cut Marble Town Seal we installed in the main entry hall of a new City Building.

  • College Library Center

    Project Type: College Library

    Material(s) Installed: College Library

    Ceramic and Carpet in this College main Library.

  • Repurposed Historic Building

    Project Type: Repurposed Arts Building

    Material(s) Installed: Repurposed Arts Building

    Linoleum Sheet Flooring installed in a historic restoration project.

  • Hospital Waiting Area

    Project Type: Hospital Waiting Area

    Material(s) Installed: Hospital Waiting Area

    Carpet Tile installed in this patient waiting area.


What our clients have to say about us.

  • Association for Learning Environments
  • Flooring Contractors Association
  • American Subcontractors Association
  • Subcontractors Association of the Metroplex
  • BuyBoard
  • National Tile Contractors Association
  • Fuse Alliance
  • Texas SmartBuy

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